Burtech Cyf - Manufacturers of Canoe / Kayak Trailers & Bike Trailers

Burtech Cyf is based in North Wales, and manufactures a range of high quality trailers to transport Bikes and Canoes/Kayaks.

With full workshop facilities we are able to offer trailer repair and servicing.

Burtech trailers are designed and built in our own manufacturing plant in North Wales and are  Type Approved.

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Featured products

C8 Modular Canoe/Kayak Trailer

The C8 starts as a base chassis and two uprights and bracing and is fitted with an over-run braking system and telescoping rear light beam. GB Type Approval regulations classify trailers as O1 (up to 750kg gross weight) or O2 (above this). The C8 can be supplied as an O1 trailer with a maximum gross weight of 750kg or as an O2 trailer with a maximum gross weight of 950 OR 1100kg. The C8 can now be configured to suit your needs by the addition of the options. These are full arms and half arms for carrying canoes and kayaks, adaptors to carry playboats, storage cages and boxes.
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C6 Low-Line Canoe/Kayak Trailer

The C6 Canoe / Kayak Trailer is designed for smaller groups or the family with a lot of outdoor pursuits equipment. It can be supplied as a three level trailer to carry 6 open canoes, or as a two level (spaced further apart) to carry up to 12 kayaks, depending on size of boat. The C6 can be ordered with the horizontal distance between the support arms at either 1.7 or 2 metre to suit the length of your boats. All models are fitted with a telescoping rear light beam and concealed cabling. A storage box, steel mesh cage or steel mesh shallow pan can be fitted to this trailer. The storage box / cage takes up one arm of the trailer, up to two shallow pans can be mounted under the lower level of arms. When the support arms are specified at 2 metres, a Fiamma 3 bike rack can be fitted to the trailer on one or both sides. The C6 Canoe / Kayak Trailer is available without brakes or fitted with the optional over-run braking system which also has the advantage of providing a parking brake for when the trailer is disconnected from the towing vehicle; the un-braked trailer will need to be chocked.
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