C6 Low-Line Canoe/Kayak Trailer

The C6 Canoe / Kayak Trailer is designed for smaller groups or the family with a lot of outdoor pursuits equipment. It can be supplied as a three level trailer to carry 6 open canoes, or as a two level (spaced further apart) to carry up to 12 kayaks, depending on size of boat. The C6 can be ordered with the horizontal distance between the support arms at either 1.7 or 2 metre to suit the length of your boats. All models are fitted with a telescoping rear light beam and concealed cabling. A storage box, steel mesh cage or steel mesh shallow pan can be fitted to this trailer. The storage box / cage takes up one arm of the trailer, up to two shallow pans can be mounted under the lower level of arms. When the support arms are specified at 2 metres, a Fiamma 3 bike rack can be fitted to the trailer on one or both sides. The C6 Canoe / Kayak Trailer is available without brakes or fitted with the optional over-run braking system which also has the advantage of providing a parking brake for when the trailer is disconnected from the towing vehicle; the un-braked trailer will need to be chocked.
Manufacturer: Burtech
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This trailer is designed to carry 6 canoes or 12 kayaks. It has a compact light and low design for ease of loading.

Special 'deep D' section rubber buffer protects boats from contact with trailer. The rear lights are on a steel beam which can be telescoped in or out depending on the length of boats carried.

As standard these trailers feature:

  • LED lighting
  • Spare wheel and jockey wheel
  • Extendable light beam with protected lights
  • Coiled electrical connection
  • Quick change number plate system
  • Full buffering to all arms
  • Hot dip galvanised
Products specifications
Length (light slider in) 497cm
Length (light slider out) 590cm
Width 197cm
Overall height 194cm
Height to top bar 169cm
Vertical gap between bars 47cm (3 level) 58cm (2 level)
Un-laden weight 235kg
Gross weight 550kg