C8 Modular Canoe/Kayak Trailer

The C8 starts as a base chassis and two uprights and bracing and is fitted with an over-run braking system and telescoping rear light beam. European Type Approval regulations classify trailers as O1 (up to 750kg gross weight) or O2 (above this). The C8 can be supplied as an O1 trailer with a maximum gross weight of 750kg or as an O2 trailer with a maximum gross weight of 950kg. The C8 can now be configured to suit your needs by the addition of the options. These are full arms and half arms for carrying canoes and kayaks, adaptors to carry playboats, storage cages and boxes.
Manufacturer: Burtech
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C8 Key features 

  • Many variations of support arms available
  • Support arms can be positioned at any point vertically
  • Support arm can be reversed to give horizontal spacing of either 1.5m or 2.3m
  • Lightweight cage with top and rear access, may be fitted on one or both sides
  • Special 'deep D' section rubber buffer protects boats from contact with trailer
  • Mesh base to chassis for carrying equipment
  • The rear lights are on a steel beam which can be telescoped in or out depending on the length of boats carried
  • A quick change number plate system is fitted for users with several towing vehicles
  • Lashing hooks on arms and chassis

Standard Features 

  • Spare wheel and jockey wheel
  • Extendable light beam with protected lights
  • Coiled electrical connection
  • Quick change number plate system
  • Full buffering to all arms and uprights
  • Hot dip galvanised
  • Auto reverse braking system
Products specifications
Length 453cm
Width 205cm
Overall height 275cm (can be altered during manufacture if required)
Un-laden weight Chassis and upright weight 320kg
Gross weight (O1 version 750kg) (O2 version 950kg)