C2 Side-Loader Canoe/Kayak Trailer

The C2 Sideloader is designed to carry and store up to 2 open canoes or Sit on Top kayaks. Arm height is kept very low making loading simple from the side. The telescopic lighting beam can be set to the length of the canoe. The C2 Sideloader is a practical alternative to carrying canoes on a roof rack, where loading height can be a problem, as is the potential to damage your vehicle while loading. Many users of the C2 Sideloader have found that it is a convenient way to store their canoes at home, leaving them available for immediate use.
Manufacturer: Burtech
£1,407.60 incl VAT

Burtech's lightweight C2 canoe/kayak trailer designed for ease of loading and is engineered to last. 

Products specifications
Length (light slider in) 494cm
Length (light slider out) 581cm
Width 152cm
Overall height 134
Gap between uprights 150cm or 200cm
Arm width 80cm
Top of chassis to 1st bar 31cm
Vertical gap between bars 46cm
Un-laden weight 97kg
Gross weight 250kg