Road Bike Trailer

The B-Series Road Bike shares its chassis with the B-Series Mountain Bike trailer but is fitted with a different loop system more suited to drop or short straight bars. Alternate bikes go further into the trailer allowing the handlebars to miss each other. The bike’s rear wheel is centred in the ‘V’ brackets on the lower slot; the front wheel is located in the narrower top loop. In the event that the side wall of the tyre contacts the loop we supply, loose, spiral protective sleeving which can be cut and fitted to protect the tyre.
Manufacturer: Burtech
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Top loop designed for road/hybrid bikes. 

Bikes individually held and accessible. 

Secured by Burtech's "slot & loop" system.

Rear wheel 'V' centering bracket. 

Supplied with yellow "spiral protector" which can be fitted to add protection to wheels.

MTB & RB top loop bars are interchangeable as they share the same chassis.

LED lighting.


Products specifications
Max Wheel width 75mm