Mountain Bike Trailer

The B-Series range of mountain bike trailers is designed mainly for the professional user who requires a heavy duty trailer for more intense use. Bikes with wheel diameters of 24 to 29” diameter can be accommodated and each bike is secured by a single strap, only the bikes tyres touching the trailer. Carrying capacity ranges from 10 to 20 bikes. All B-Series bike trailers are available without brakes or fitted with the optional over-run braking system which also has the advantage of providing a parking brake for when the trailer is disconnected from the towing vehicle; the un-braked trailer will need to be chocked. The optional aluminium equipment boxes can be fitted to the B-Series; the single box reduces the carrying capacity by one bike and the double box by two bikes.
Manufacturer: Burtech
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Designed for MTB's and bikes with straight handlebars.

Bikes only touch the trailer with their tyres.

Bikes individually held and accessible. 

Secured by Burtech's "slot & loop" system.

Rear Wheel held by "V" centering bracket.

Adjustable for 24"-29" tyres.

LED lighting.

MTB & RB top loop bars are interchangeable as they share the same chassis.


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Products specifications
Max Wheel width 75mm