Downhill Bike Trailer

The Downhill B-Series is a beefed up version of the B-Series intended for uplifting on downhill courses. While not an “off road” trailer, it is at home on maintained forest tracks and similar. Bikes with wheel diameters of 24 to 29” can be accommodated and each bike is secured by a single strap, only the bikes tyres touching the trailer. Carrying capacity ranges from 10 to 16 bikes. All Downhill B Series trailers are supplied un-braked. The optional aluminium equipment boxes can be fitted to the Downhill B-Series; the single box reduces the carrying capacity by one bike and the double box by two bikes.
Manufacturer: Burtech
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Extra support to deal with increased weight and tougher terrain. 

Has wider spacings to accommodate downhill bike fork design. 

Bikes only touch the trailer with their tyres.

Bikes individually held and accessible. 

Secured by Burtech's "slot & loop" system.

Adjustable for 24"-29" tyres.

LED lighting.

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Products specifications
Max Wheel width 75mm
Overall height 170cm (unladen) 190cm approx (Loaded with bikes