Cub 8 Bike Trailer

The Cub 8 is intended for group users with higher spec bikes. Bikes with wheel diameters of 24 to 29” diameter can be accommodated and the bike positions are spaced 50mm further apart than on the B-Series to allow extra clearance for bikes with more substantial forks and brakes. The bikes only touch the trailer with their tyres. An optional equipment box can be fitted to take helmets, muddy clothing etc. This does take up one bike space reducing the capacity to 7 bikes.
Manufacturer: Burtech
SKU: Cub8
£1,615.20 incl VAT

Tailored for family,adventure groups

Versatile,compact,lightweight and durable design 

Adjustable to accommodate almost any bike

Compact portable rack when not being towed 

Uses Burtech's "slot & loop" system



Standard Features

Spare wheel and jockey wheel

 Fully integrated lights

 Securing straps  

Hot dip galvanised 

Rear wheel 'V' centering bracket

Products specifications
Max Wheel width 75mm
Length 307cm
Width 152cm
Overall height 167cm
Un-laden weight 130kg
Gross weight 320kg